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Kevin and his wife Sara are about to start their new family as prepare for the arrival of their first born child. Unfortunately something goes wrong and Kevin looses everything. Unable to cope with his loss he becomes obsessed with trying to make contact with his dead wife by any means possible.


WTF did I just finish watching? When the opening credits state that this is A Gore Film by Brian Paulin, they were not kidding. This film is EXTREMELY GOREY. No punches are pulled, this is one dark film. “Fetus” comes to use from Paulin, who may be best known for his film “Bone Sickness”. This isn’t a film for everyone. The subject matter is disturbing and may be a bit too harsh for many people to handle. Either way, “Fetus” is a strong film that boasts INCREDIBLE special effects, a haunting score, and terrific performance by Paulin himself in the lead. In fact, the film was almost a one man show. Paulin not only starred in, wrote, directed, edited, composed the score, cinematographer, AND was responsible for the effects that kicked all kinds of ass, reminding me of the Japanese “Guinea Pig” series.

The film begins with Kevin (played by Paulin) coming home after experiencing something that no one ever should. While giving birth, his wife Sara (Nette Detroy) and unborn child die while in the delivery room. Kevin is defeated by this loss, everything he had ever wanted in life has disappeared within a blink of the eye. As Kevin is having his breakdown, through several flashback sequences we see how he and Sara interact as a couple. We already know her fate so we find ourselves drawn into his sadness. He is so lost that suicide seems like his only option is taking his own life. Then he decides that maybe there is a chance with magic, that maybe there would be a way to bring Sara back to life. Kevin visits an occult book store to see if there is anything that could help him. The clerk sells him a book on necromancy and he is off to give it a try. After realizing that the rituals will only work with human sacrifice, he sets out to find the doctor and the assistants that were in the delivery room with his wife. After dispatching with them and the ritual doesn’t work, Kevin’s descent only grows more bizarre and haunting, building up to a finale that must be seen to be believed.

“Fetus” isn’t a silent film though it is very light on dialogue. The films music plays a major part in the proceedings. I felt a hint of a Goblin influence and really sets the stage. Paulin wrote a killer script that is sure to give me nightmares at some point. It has been such a long time that I have watched and extreme gore film, especially one that never introduces any humor and plays it straight. There are no slow points and the movie flows along at a steady pace with never a dull moment. The real star of the film is the special effects. They are just amazing, old school, prosthetics that include everything from broken penises, skinning, a homage to “City of the Living Dead”, plenty of bloody vagin*l discharge, and so much more.

Being a parent, I’ve softened a bit when it comes to the types of films I am used to watching and “Fetus” kind of took me aback. I haven’t forgot where I came from and the types of films I used to watch with my friends. We were always on the lookout for the goriest films possible and trying to one up each other with the next gem. I was getting the imports, films like “Nekromantic”, “Men Behind the Sun”, the “Guinea Pig” series and I would find it hard to believe that Paulin didn’t have similar experiences. This is a dark, dark, film and if you’re not prepared for it, you may regret watching it. Some of the images will haunt me, some excited me, most were original and accomplished a feet I hadn’t seen coming. Those hardcore gore films that many a splatter hound had searched for are back and Brian Paulin is the second coming.

Fetus (2008)

Film Review: Fetus (2008) | HNN (2024)


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